Cover Story: Behind the Scenes with Samantha Wharton

Cover Story Image of Samantha Wharton

Welcome to Style Adventure’s first issue of 2020!

I decided to swap out the professional cover photo for an unedited vacation shot at the last minute because 2020 needs to be the year that we feel comfortable with our true selves. Most of us have imperfections. Let’s embrace them!

I achieved the glistening skin look on the cover photo with sunblock, some hastily applied eyeliner and half-melted lipstick mixed with heat!

What’s New For 2020?

At The Style Escape, we have moved to focus our efforts on featuring women-led brands, whose clothing is ethically sourced and fair trade. Not all pieces will be identical, and quantities are limited and unique.

All items in this edition are available online at The Style Escape.

We hope you like our style ideas!

My Take on Trends

It’s important to be yourself no matter what you do, including your style.

Trends come and go, so I pick a few items I like and pair them with classic pieces so I’m not wasting money on things I might not wear for too long.

Less is more. Don’t wear things that compete for attention. You don’t want to get lost in your outfit when people see you.

I let this Capri maxi dress by ZAIMARA speak for itself and kept jewelry to a minimum with a statement ring and small earrings.

Photo credit: Brian Simon

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