Crazy For Coconut Oil It's Fab For Hair, Nails And Skin

Coconut oil

There seems to be millions of ways coconut oil is beneficial for your health. I’ve been using it for a few years now and haven’t looked back.

Organic and natural is the way to go when using it for hair or skin care. For less than $10 a tub; it’s far cheaper than a lot of products out there! A tub lasts me months, and I slather myself in it!

Here are just three of the ways coconut oil is awesomeness. We’ll write more posts about other ways coconut oil boosts your skin and hair.

Important: Do a patch test on your wrist to see if your skin has a bad reaction to it 24 hours before trying it.

Hair Moisturizer

Coconut oil has fatty acids that protect your hair and make it a fantastic natural hair conditioner. It’s known to make hair stronger (especially those with fine hair), it also works for hair growth and fullness, dandruff, to tame frizz and can protect your hair from sun damage.

To Make A Conditioner 

Warm a tablespoon of coconut oil until it’s soft and rub or comb it through your hair from root to tip.

Leave it in for 20 minutes to an hour, or wrap your hair in a towel and leave it in overnight. Wash it out using your regular shampoo.

Coconut Oil To Strengthen Your Nails And Cuticles

Your nails can become weak from many things, including nutrition deficiencies.

How to use it

Rub some organic coconut oil onto your cuticles and nails before going to bed at night.Your nails will be noticeably stronger in two to three weeks.

Photo: My nails with no nail polish after using coconut oil on them for about two months.

Nails after coconut oil use

A Few Benefits for Your Face

As a face and under-eye moisturizer. Rub a small amount on your face including under your eyes (about the size of a quarter). I use a little more (about 1/2 of that) on my neck. If you’re nervous about using it under your eyes, leave that part out and use your regular eye cream.

At night, massage coconut oil on your skin. It works to hydrate without clogging your pores. When you wake up, your skin will be softer and smoother.

Turmeric and coconut oil to fight acne and lighten scars. Mix one tablespoon of turmeric powder with enough coconut oil to make a paste. Apply it to the affected areas daily.

See more skincare tips.

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