Must-Have for 2020: Big Bags for the Win!

Must Have: Big Bags

I come by big bags naturally, so I use them if they’re trendy or not. I tend to lose more things in a small bag than I do in a large one for some reason.

Style It

  • Everyday wear. Big bags can carry your daily essentials such as your laptop, workout clothes, lunch, anything you need! Find ones with great style details like fringe or crochet, velvet (like the black one pictured above) makes for a head turner, or get one in neon to keep on-trend.
  • Dress it up. Pick one in a metallic color. Gold stands out and can amp up the styling. Bonus for an event: You can keep an evening bag in there, an extra pair of shoes and more. You can store the bag under the table (if you know and trust the attendees) and use the evening bag around the event.

If your bag is going to be a statement, keep other details to a minimum to let the shine and boldness of the bag make your statement. You don’t want to lose yourself in all the details.

Bags shown: 289 bags from Sara Giunti
Photo credit: Sara Giunti

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