Must-Have for 2020: Saffron Yellow

Must-Have for 2020: Saffron Yellow

A Ray of Sunshine

One of our favorite looks to come out for 2020 is the color saffron yellow.

A bold color choice; it makes us feel like a ray of sunshine! It’s a tough color to pull off for some complexions, but there is one out there for everyone! I have yellow undertones in my skin and thought I could never pull it off, but I have found my shade.

Not sure you’re ready to pull off yellow?

Start by wearing it as part of your outfit and pairing it with a color you’re more comfortable with such as brown or jean. Try a yellow pleated skirt with a blue top.

It’s easy to wear the color all year around. Wear a deeper shade in colder months, or just let it go and wear the shade you prefer any time of the year!

Style It

1. Effortless chic. Pair yellow outfit with shoes and a purse in blue or brown.

2. Super-trendy. Why not wear yellow with some of this season’s on-trend accessories such as hoop earrings, or chain jewelry and a big bag?

3. Amp it up. Go even bolder and mix and match yellow with vibrant red. You may be surprised at the results. I found the combo by accident and didn’t look back!

Dress: Azafran maxi from ZAIMARA

Photo credits: Left: Brian Simon, right: ZAIMARA

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