Who Says Capes are Just For Superheroes?

Cape Dress Trend

Capes Make Everything Better

We all feel like superwoman at some point, or we should! Capes keep almost going away, but make a comeback with a new update, and we’re always happy about it! 

Style It!

A cape for every occasion. 

Throw a cape jacket over any outfit, including a casual one and look like you just stepped off of the runway. Pair a cape-sleeved shirt with jeans, leggings, flares or a maxi skirt and look effortlessly chic. You can’t go wrong with any shoes that you love. Add gold hoops and a tassel or bolero necklace, and voila!

Altuzarra Cape Jacket

Swoop into your next event.

Cape dresses, gowns, or sequined suit will all have people buzzing about your look. Keep it less formal with a cape-sleeved shirt and billowy maxi skirt. Make your look even more on-trend in silver, red, yellow or hot pink.

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Luckily, you can wear almost any style of shoe you fancy! Funky heels, fabulous flats, flashy stilettos are all winners! Add a statement necklace and earrings, and a small purse or clutch in one of your outfit colors to complete this inspired look.

Be the talk of the office.

What better way to take your look from day to night than with cape sleeves? Wear it with flared pants or skirt and move with ease to an after-work affair.

Ballet flats or chunky heels, and hoop earrings will finish the look off flawlessly.

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Header photo: Evgenia Nechaeva

Article photo: Antono Parin, Altuzarra runway show



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