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Model your purchase from The Style Escape

This week we are featuring @nivvy21 who is modelling her Crete midi dress from ZAIMARA. One of The Style Escape’s most popular dresses, this standout dress easily be worn day or night. Picture yourself on a resort, at a beach in Greece. Or strolling around your city or town in the summer.

The details on the dress stand out so you can keep your accessories to a minimum. As shown in the photo, @nivvy21 kept her styling simple and let the dress speak for itself! 

For jewelry, think of silver tassel or hoop earrings and a lariat necklace. As we mentioned in our last post, That 70s Show, boho is trending. Take your inspiration from the show that inspired the title of that post. Hopefully, it shows on Netflix where you live!

Sandals are ideal…but which ones to choose! Thong sandals or strappy flats in white or brown look fabulous. Make it pop even more with gladiator sandals and take your look into the night! These white vegan Zampatti gladiators would look perfect with this dress. 

Get Spotted! Nivvy in Crete Midi

Shop the Crete Midi on The Style Escape. Check out the island in Greece that inspired the styling for some additional colour combo tips!

See Nivvy’s look on Instagram!

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