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Kathleen @foodiekathleen is our feature this week, modelling her M.S.D cargo pants. Made in Italy and India by artisans, these pants are comfort galore! 

The 90s and 2000s are still fashion strong! One main reason why we want these pants to stay in style a little longer – the comfort level. 

We love these cargo pants! You can essentially style them with anything!  You will look and feel fantastic at home or picking up essentials, depending on your needs that day. Pair them with a tank top like Kathleen in the photo to keep it light for the summer months or while you’re lounging at home. Make it a loose crop top and you can run out for some essentials looking great and feeling comfy.

Wear a fitted turtleneck, a blazer or a loose sweater if you’re hosting or participating in virtual business meetings.

Get Spotted! M.S.D Cargo Pants

When lock down is over in your area (it will be awhile before this happens in mine!) take your cargo pants from day to night with a change of shoes. Imagine a turtleneck and a pair of stilettos. Glittery or animal print flats achieve the same look. 

Accessorize to your heart’s desire! Jewelry boosts the night time appeal. 

Slouchy boots take your look to a different level of chic casualness. Tuck a cotton, linen or flannel shirt into your pants and then tuck the bottom part of your pants into your pair of boots. Belt the pants or leave them beltless, the style looks effortless.

Refinery29 has a great visual of the look with slouchy boots, linen shirt and belt.

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