Our Fave Travel Piece: The Maxi

Travel Piece - Maxi Dress

It’s The Ultimate Travel Partner

Last article, I discussed taking a staycation to break up your routine during the pandemic. One of the topics was to dress like you would if you were going on a destination trip. Packing is a good way to start!  I have a love for a good maxi dress. Is there anything that it can’t do? It’s the perfect travel companion!

Traveling light has become an art form. It makes going anywhere so much easier. Who doesn’t want to start their vacation earlier without worrying about going through baggage claim, or paying extra baggage fees? I mean, this isn’t an issue for a staycation. But ,if you’re not good at packing light, now is a good time to practice for when travel does open up again.

Space Savers

Four maxi dresses can fit into a carry-on bag…sometimes five and still leave room for other pieces. Roll them to maximize your space.

Perfection Any Time

Perfect for day and night. Enough said.

It’s so easy to walk around in a breezy maxi in flats or runners and little to no jewelry. It’s just as easy to take the same dress, add some fab accessories, heels or fancy flats and a small bag and go out or to a wedding in style.

Some Like It Hot Some Like It Cold

Maxis are right for many different temperatures. They keep you cool in the heat, and add a sweater, jacket or wrap, some tights and boots and they can even take you into winter. It’s layering made easy.

Final Thought

If you can find maxis in a jersey material, grab them! Jersey does not wrinkle, making it the perfect travel material!

Dress in photo: Aphrodite maxi by ZAIMARA.

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