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That 70s Show - Boho Chic

That 70s Show is not just a show from the late 90s-2000s! 

Fashion is cyclical. It’s common for styles from different decades to inspire other collections. This year is no different!

I, for one, am happy to see a resurgence in 70s inspired clothing as one of the trends.

My closet is filled with jumpsuits, sequins and bohemian (boho) chic – whether or not it’s fashionable. I find it super comfortable. Diana Ross is a style icon of mine, so 70s glam is IT

My advice: Wear what you look and feel good wearing, regardless of style.

Fashion comes and goes. Your personal style should be yours or variations of what you love.  Although, admittedly, some things are harder to find when they aren’t trending. At least I finally look trendy for the first time in a few years!

All over the runway shows in February it was easy to spot the styles from high to mid-waist pants and jeans, bright colours, crochet, fringe, suede and boho layers.

If wearing a full 70s look isn’t for you, mix and match. For example, wear a kimono-style duster jacket and pair it with some leggings and flats or high boots.

(Duster jacket: ZAIMARA

Photographer: Brian Simon)

That 70s show fashion trend
That 70s show denim fashion

It’s easy to have fun with these looks. Experiment with layers, colours and patterns. Anything you choose will grab attention!

Denim Love

One hot look to come off the runway is all over denim, or as it is also known, The Canadian Tuxedo. Montecristo Magazine has the history behind the Canadian Tuxedo if you’re interested. I know I was considering I’m Canadian and don’t recall ever wearing one!

If full jean is not your jam, try a denim jumpsuit with a bomber jacket or a graphic tee for a fab style.

Not only are denim bell-bottoms back, but so are knee-length denim skirts.

If you need some more 70s style inspiration, check out the boho styles at The Style Escape.

If That 70s Show is on Netflix where you are, as it is in my area, check out a couple of episodes!

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(Jumpsuit: Adam Selman from New York Fashion Week
Photographer: Antono Parin)


Photographer for the header photo: Andrey Kiselev

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