Some Style Icons - Past and Present

Style Icons - Versace show 90s supermodels

I decided that this weekend needed some style inspiration by way of some of our favorite style icons! Sometimes I find a little distraction from all that’s going on is a good way to end a week and start the weekend.

Starting with a photo of some of the nineties supermodels seemed absolutely necessary for this post!

The Newer Gen

Style Icon - Rihanna


I love Rihanna’s style! She isn’t afraid to take risks and changes her style frequently. She might not get it right 100% of the time to some people, but I feel she hits a home run most of the time. Whether she’s going glam like in the picture, casual in Tom Ford, or shock and awesome, Rihanna is the trendsetter.  Once you think you’ve gotten her style down, she changes it up again. I don’t foresee anyone knocking off her style crown for a long time!

Gemma Chan

I first saw Gemma Chan at premiers for Crazy Rich Asians, and it was style love at first sight! Her styling is always on point, and she can carry clothing like nobody else! Gemma always looks flawless. From the look on the right to her silver Met Gala Tom Ford gown, she is consistently breathtaking when she breezes into an event.

Style Icon - Gemma Chan

Bow Down

 saved two of my favorites for last. These two ladies have had jaw-dropping styles for decades. That’s no easy feat!

Style Icon - Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

At 85 years old, Sophia stared in her first film in 1950 and has been captivating audiences since. Recognized as an international movie star and style icon on and off-screen, she shows us how to look elegant and like a knockout at every age. I continue to follow Sophia’s style with admiration, even as she appears less in the public eye. 

Diana Ross

At 75 years’, Diana Ross is a legend. Her trailblazing style has been slaying since 1959 when she began her professional career. With her trademark hairstyles, sequins, and jewels, Diana set the stage for so many stars after her to channel their inner diva. On stage, on-screen or off, she is glamour personified, and I love it!

Style Icon - Diana Ross

Photo credits

Antono Parin (Versace show) | Simon Burchell  (Rihanna) | Paul Smith (Gemma Chan) | Jaguar Photography (Sophia Loren) | Michael Bush (Diana Ross)

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