A Billow Maxi: A Must-Have

Billowy Maxi - Capri Dress from ZAIMARA

The Comfort Zone Gets a Boost!

It’s hard to ignore that maxi dresses have staying power, and with good reason.

We’re huge fans of maxis; they make it effortless to look stylish while staying in maximum comfort.

A billowy maxi can be one of the most flattering looks.

Give off the air of romance when you walk as the dress billows and flows around you each step you take.

Depending on what stage of reopening you are in where you live, going out may not be as much of an option for you. But, if you’re anything like me, you dress up at home just for a change!

Style It

1. Take your maxi anywhere. For ultimate comfort, flats rock it. Want to amp up the style pairing? Try a maxi in a bold red, yellow or pink and pair it with Doc Martens, runners or your favorite flats. You can’t go wrong with what you love. Add chain bracelets and a lariat or chain necklace.

2. Take your maxi to an event. Is it the perfect date? Probably. Try a low-cut billowy maxi with colorful red leopard print ballet flats or stilettos.

Add large hoop earrings and a bangle, and let the neckline speak for itself. Pick one of the colors from your shoes for your purse. It will finish the look without pulling focus from you and your dress.

3. Take your maxi to another level. Top your maxi with a suit jacket in a neutral color to give yourself an expected office look and throw it off for a more causal look. Or try an over-sized sweater. It can take your look from day to night with ease. Keep your jewelry basic to let your outfit do the talking.

Photo above: ZAIMARA Capri Maxi / Photo credit: Brian Simon
Photo below: ZAIMARA Aphrodite Maxi / Photo credit: Zaimara

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Billowy Maxi - Aphrodite Maxi by ZAIMARA
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