Animal Print for the Win!

Versace Runway - Animal Print

One of my favourite looks will always be animal print. It’s a style that’s actually anything but basic! Animal prints take an even bolder look this year with vibrant colors. So, with this year’s colour choices, you can really make a statement with your outfit!

In my mind, animal print never goes out of fashion so once again, I’m not always in fashion.

This year, think striking when it comes to colour. Yellow, red and hot pink are some of this season’s it colors. A flowy maxi in or a micro mini in animal print would be two of the ways I would wear it! Well, a micro mini with high boots since I don’t let these thin legs out in public if I can help it!

Animal Print Bag

Not sure you’re ready to pull off a full outfit? Try accessorizing. It’s easy to elevate your look with a zebra or tiger print belt, purse or shoes.

Poppy and Peonies have a few bags and accessories that may work. I mean who doesn’t want an animal print travel kit? Ok, if that’s too much, they have options ranging from makeup bags to totes.

Style It

  1. Effortless chic. Pair an animal print dress or suit with shoes and a purse in a matching color from the print.
  2. Super-trendy. Wear one of this season’s on-trend colours and match it with a leopard purse, shoes or belt.
  3. Amp it up. Go even bolder and mix and match your prints with a vibrant zebra outfit and tiger print shoes or purse.

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Header photo: Anotono Parin, Versace Runway Show 2019
Main photo: Victoria Chudinova

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