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It’s fall and what better time to wear some of your beautiful earthy tone or deep colours om a breezy bat-wing sweater.

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This week we are featuring @michelleboaziz’s niece Natasha. She is modelling her Capo bat-wing sweater. One of The Style Escape’s most popular items, this versatile sweater is easily worn day or night. It comes in four different colours! This Capo sweater also makes a great travel companion during spring, fall and winter! It can also be worn during cooler summer nights. The bat-wing sweater style keeps it lighter and a little breezy.

Like Natasha, you can keep it super casual yet chic with jeans and a scarf. Pair it with leggings or a cotton maxi skirt and you have a smooth transition from daytime to the night. Kick the look up a notch with wide-legged or tapered pants, vegan leather pants or a mini, midi or maxi skirt. Add a belt, thick or thin and throw it back to the 1970s or 1980s!

The sweater is versatile and simple. Wear almost any jewelry style you like! A chunky chain or bolo necklace and large hoop or dangling earrings add to its wow factor. Or keep it simple with studs or charm earrings and necklace.

Depending on what stage or wave of Covid-19 you’re in, you may not be going out often. But when you do, why not look fab and comfortable?

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Get Spotted! Style your bat-wing sweater
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